Top 10 Tips to Get You and Your Closet Organized This Spring

Toronto weather is beautiful; however, can be inconsistent at times. With the ever changing seasons, keeping your closet organized is a crucial step to being prepared. This can be a daunting and challenging task. This article will guide you on how to get your closet organized this spring. Before we get to the nitty gritty, there are two things you need to do beforehand:

  1. Empty EVERYTHING From Your Closet– To start off your spring cleanout and organizing you need to start from the beginning. The empty area could be your bed, on the couch or even on the floor! It may seem pointless right now, but trust us, IT IS NECESSARY!You’re going to be doing a deep cleaning – so no half-efforts will do. You need to commit to this and put in a 100% effort. Take out everything from your cabinet, this includes your clothes, shoes, fitness equipment, boxes, etc.

    Now that everything is removed and in sight, you’re ready to begin the next step.

  2. Cut the Clutter – This part is hard for a lot of people, especially those who tend to hoard. You need to look at every piece of clothing you own, and ask yourself a few difficult questions: Do I still find this piece appealing? When was the last time I wore this? Is it comfortable? Does it still fit me?Once you answer these questions, it will be very easy for you to decide whether you want to keep that specific item or not. Sometimes clothes can have sentimental values – and that’s okay! But if the sentiment is the only reason you’re keeping it, you’re doing it wrong.

    Once you complete the tedious and laborious task, you can now start organizing your cabinet!

A clean and organized closet not only streamlines your morning routine, but also makes room for new clothes and shoes. This is something everyone ALWAYS wants!  Maintaining an organized closet can be an ongoing process – these tips and hints will make everything easier:

  1. Design a Space Ideal For You – The possibilities are infinite! Whether you have the space for a walk-in closet or just the space of a cabinet, you can get really creative with what you have. Analyze your closet and note the best features – maybe you have more vertical storage space, multiple rods for hanging, or built-in shelves. You can use all of these features to your advantage.But for the parts in your closet that are not potential storage areas, for example, the upper shelf that is hard for you to reach – try to come up with productive ideas that can make this space useful. For example, keeping this space dedicated for seasonal or items you don’t need on a daily basis.

    By creating a space that works well for you specifically, you can make the best use of your closet space.

  2. Store Your Clothes By Category – Being strategic and making categories, by season, type or colors helps you in identifying your clothes. Imagine this: You’re in a hurry and you’re looking for your grey sweatshirt, but you can’t find it in the pile of clothes in front of you. Not only is this frustrating but it also wastes a lot of your time. The easiest way to have a disorganized cabinet is to hang or pile your clothes without thinking. This is a recipe for disaster, and results in more times wasted looking for particular items.Another way of categorizing your clothes or shoes is by keeping all the similar items together. For example, you could store your dresses in one place, sweatshirts in one, T-shirts in another, and so on. You could adopt the same rule for shoes, by keeping all your heels in one place, sandals in one, etc.
  3. Be Smart About Your Hangers – Hangers can take up a lot of space on your rod. If you have less hanging space, opt for sleek and slim hangers. This way you have more room to hang clothing rather than trying to forcefully fit everything.Another great option is to use sleek and open hangers – not only making it easy to take out pants or clothes, but results in putting them back with ease. This saves you both time and effort. Moreover, if you’re one of those people who want a visual aesthetic – opt for matching hangers to decrease the visual clutter and highlight your clothes.
  4. Introduce Yourself to Storage Baskets – Storage baskets not only keep your closet less messy but also look aesthetically pleasing. For example wicker baskets, you can either use them to put your T-shirts in them or to keep your junk out of sight.Not only do these give an organized look but are also very cheap! You can get these either online or at your local store. These storage baskets are multipurpose, you can put your shoes, jeans, or other random stuff that you throw in your closet!
  5. Stack Thick Clothing – Not everything is to be hanged on hangers. To save yourself precious closet and hanging space, pile up all of the thick clothing like sweaters or denim together. These items are perfect for stacking on your shelf because of their thickness – they won’t crinkle, slump, or lose their shape when stacked.Not only do these thick materials make good stack piles but it’s easier to locate them instead of T-shirts.
  6. Roll Your Pajamas, T-Shirts, and Gym Clothes – Your cotton or polyester shirts (that are soft and thin) are best stored when rolled up rather than when stacked. Not only will this technique take less space it will also be easier to locate your clothes.This technique is a very major space saver and is used by many professionals. You can roll these clothes and put them in storage boxes or even inside drawers to save space on shelves.
  7. Store Often Used Clothes at Eye Level – To save time and to make your life easier, keep all the clothes that you wear regularly right in front of you within your reach. It’ll be easier to grab in the morning when going out.Keep the lesser used items on the shelf on top of your regularly used items and the items you rarely wear on the topmost shelf (although these items shouldn’t be in your closet in the first place).

Make Use of the Wasted Space – Your cabinet’s door or the wall beside the hanging should also serve a purpose. Everything should be utilized. You can put nails and hang your ties, scarfs, necklaces or belts on them or you could put up a mirror as well!

If you don’t want to nail your wall or door just put on stick-ons with hooks to hang your accessories. Other than hanging all of these things on hangers or putting those in your drawers use this trick!

Top 10 Tips to Get You and Your Closet Organized This Spring
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