10 Tips To Get Your Closet Organized For Summer

We all know it’s in a messy state; however, the door to your closet doesn’t have to remain closed forever. You won’t understand how an organized closet can make your life easier until following these helpful tips. While trying to save time, you are creating a chaotic scenario that will eat into your daily routine.  Everything will be easier to find and locate; your favorite camisole, your go to work dress, and that favorite sweater on a winter morning.

Not everyone has the same idea in regards to organizing your closet. It’s dependent on your closet size, the space available to you, and the life you lead. While the summer is almost here, the heat can even add to the chaos. Stay organized this summer with our ten proven closet organization tips;

  1. You’ll Need More Than Your Closet To Get It Organized

Don’t just go ahead to pull out every item from your closet, bring the tools and supplies to make this task easier for you. Get at least 3 of the following;

  • Shopping Bags, Boxes, and Bins

You will need this to move clothes to either the tailors’, donation center, or a dry cleaner.

  • Full-Length Mirror

You’ll need to see what is worth a keep or a toss; a mirror will help determine what still fits and you would still wear.

  • Catch-All Basket

Aside from your clothes, you’ll find papers, spare change, hair clips, or some cash!

  • Tape Measure

This will allow you to know your closet measurement. Keep a pen and paper handy to decide what goes where.

  1. Never Attempt Closet Organization After A Day’s Work

One mistake that could lead to further chaos in your closet is unplanned organization. It’s not even advisable to undertake closet clean-up when you have utilized a major part of your day at work.

If this is how you approach it, there is a likely chance that you will abandon the closet organization. Make sure you dedicate at least 2 to 3 hours of free time to spare.

  1. Remove EVERYTHING

There’s no way you can organize your closet without emptying the closet. You’ll come across a lot of stuff you’ve forgotten inside the closet, many of which you may not need.

With a clean and bright space, it’ll be easy for you to visualize the space for organization. Don’t just clean out your stuff from your closet; use the opportunity to clean the cabinets as well.

  1. Group Similar Items

Organize your closet in a manner where each item can be easily located. Group the items accordingly to know where each goes. Gather your belts, sweaters, dresses, pants, and others, keep similar items together.

The best organization tips anyone will give you, is that you should keep the same items in the same space. This will allow you to know where to look at when looking for anything in your closet.

  1. Schedule Your Closet Maintenance and Organization

Don’t just choose one random weekend to carry out your closet organization. Keep a date in mind and stick to the schedule in decluttering your closet. It’s not just enough to carry out closet decluttering, carry out maintenance to keep the closet in great shape all year round.

The schedule could be by season, date, or event. If at anytime you are unable to find an important item needed, this is a sign for closet re-organization.

  1. Least Used Items Should Be Tucked Away

There will be seasonal items in your closet; they don’t have to be in public view. Bring those items closer when the season or event is approaching. For example, winter, summer, or Halloween items.

There’s no reason why you should keep them in sight. Closet organization should change with event and season.

  1. Prime Real Estate For Regularly Worn Items

Every closet has a prime real estate. These are choice areas that should be reserved for the reigning items. Which is where it is best advised that you book the front and middle of your closet to the most worn items.

Since you have to get dressed at 6 am every morning to get to work, it is best to keep the work clothes within the closest reach. Utilize all the available space in your closet.

  1. Light May Be What Your Closet Needs

More often than not, cabinets are placed out of reach of natural light. Which is why you find it difficult knowing where to find your prized items. By adding light to your closet, you will extend the use of your wardrobe to its fullest potential.

There are options to lighten up your closet. But the best way is to have a custom-made closet with LED lights built in.

  1. One In One Out For The Summer

Before you bring in additional items for this summer, you’ll need to do an audit of other summer items in your closet.

Never add in a new summer clothing if there are already similar ones. It’s better to give it out or store it elsewhere.

  1. Ensure You Have a Professionally Built Closet

Nothing beats a professionally and custom installed closet by professionals. You can have your closet made in line with your current and future needs. If you live in the Greater Toronto Area, yourCloset.ca can make you a custom-made cabinet.

With a professionally made closet, you can be sure of the strength, features, and quality of a closet. You won’t have to break the bank in having a custom-made closet, contact yourCloset.ca and we’ll get you started with a complimentary consultation.


The last and bonus tip is for you to label everything in your closet. If you fail to do this, you’ll just be looking for the wrong things in the wrong section. While the summer approaches, it’s better you start decluttering your closet now. You may even want to use this moment to install a custom-made cabinet for your home.

10 Tips To Get Your Closet Organized For Summer
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